Robert Davison

Group Secretary

Robert DavidsonRobert joined the Group in 1987 as Group Services Manager. He became Director of Administration in 1998 and Group Secretary in 2004. Prior to joining Chime he worked in the music industry for ten years, initially for PolyGram, including working on the launch of the CD format in Europe, and later with RCA Records establishing a pan-European manufacturing capability for 12 national trading companies.

In his role as Secretary, Robert has been part of the team delivering the corporate transactions over the last ten years. He is additionally responsible for the management and compliance of the Group's standards of governance and risk management; together with the coordination of resources such as legal, IT, property and people management.

Robert is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

During the year Catherine Biner Bradley (resigned 30 April 2013), Richard Alston (resigned 31 December 2013) and Paul Richardson (resigned 26 March 2014) were also Directors.